April 1

Period 6
  1. Advanced internet searching lesson.
- Use advanced internet search strategies to research websites on your article.
- Complete 10 more note cards from your database articles. (For those students who are up to date on their assignments.)
- Find at least four database articles on your issue and add them to NoodleTools Bibliography.  Annotate each one. 
   Due Tuesday 12:01 am. Past due.
- Create at least 20 notecards.  Due Tuesday 12:01 am. Past due.
- Add your outline under Notecards in NoodleTools.  Due Tuesday 12:01 am. Past due.

Sample Outline:  Your outline must be more specific for each main position II-IV.

Example: Issue - Gun Control

Argument - Laws restricting guns need to be strengthened.

First Position = Laws need to be strengthened limiting access to assault rifles.
Second Position = Anyone being a gun anywhere must have a background check.