March 27

Period 4
  1. Continued getting print sources on issues.
  2. Continued adding database articles and database periodicals to NoodleTools Bibliography.
  3. Previewed outlining persuasive essay in NoodleTools.
- Find more database articles on your issue and add them to NoodleTools Bibliography.  Annotate each one.
- Read your new database articles and highlight.
- Add your outline under Notecards in NoodleTools.

Sample Outline:  Your outline must be more specific for each main position II-IV.

Example: Issue - Gun Control

Argument - Laws restricting guns need to be strengthened.

First Position = Laws need to be strengthened limiting access to assault rifles.
Second Position = Anyone being a gun anywhere must have a background check.

Period 7
  1. Annotated first source.
  2. Documented first database source.
  3. Began taking notes from first database source.
- Take notes pro, con, or background information on your note cards.  12 Notes due tomorrow.